Pellet Extruder V3

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Piezas incluidas / Included parts

1 x Pellet screw Ø8 x 80 mm
1 x Barrel Ø20 x 50 mm
1 x Nema 17 gear motor
1 x Coupling Ø20×30 mm
1 x Nozzle Ø0.8 mm
1 x Cartridge heater 50w 12v
1 x Thermistor 100k
2 x Supports
2 x Blowers 40 x 20 mm
4 x Spacers M3 x 60 mm
6 x Screws M3 x 20 mm
4 x Screws M3 x 10 mm

Piezas imprimibles no incluidas, descargar aquí

Printable parts not included, download here

Tiempo de entrega 15 días  

Delivery time 15 days

Available on backorder

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Cabezal de impresión 3D directamente de gránulos fundibles, plásticos vírgenes y reciclados, MIM, composites, ceras, etc.

3D printhead direct from meltable  granules, virgin and recycled plastics, MIM, composites, wax, etc. 

Additional information

Weight 750 g
Dimensions 150 × 120 × 70 mm

2 reviews for Pellet Extruder V3

  1. Luca de sanctis

    Hi i would like to buy your exthruder. i should know few features of your kit:
    -the screw is covered by nichel or not?
    -Wich i s the max temperature of the hot end? it possible to have resistor in hot end with max temp around 300 °?
    – if not wich is the max temp of thermistore?
    i should buy early as i can. than please let me know this few information, to keep me able to evaluae the product.
    If you can answer fast, i will buy quicly.
    Best regards,Luca

    • admin

      The screw is not covered with nickel, shaft steel Ø8mm, steel Cf53 hardened and ground.

      Hardness HRc: 60 +/-2

      Roughness Ra = 0,3 µm, Rz = 1,6 µm

      Conventional depth min. 0.4mm

      Rounding: 4µm

      Parallelism: 6 µm/1000mm

      Tolerance: h6

      the thermistor is from 100k up to 300 degrees

      resistance 12v 50w

  2. BEURY

    Hi, I would like to buy your extruder.
    I would like to know one information about your kit: is it possible to have the same system in 24 V?
    Thank you for your help,
    Best regards,

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